Hyper Glu

I write algorithms that generate art.

I create autonomous systems that take their own artistic decisions. I use mathematical patterns and programming languages to scale up things and generate outputs that would take days, weeks or would be totally impossible to achieve in a traditional way.

I'm Hyper Glu, a generative artist and this is my shop.



I don't personally produce any physical product found in my store. Most of them are produced and shipped from The United States of America by different manufacturing partners. Because of the shipping costs, some of them may also be produced and shipped from Europe by a different partner for european or international orders. From time to time I personally order samples and test my production partners to make sure the quality is the one expected.

Even if I outsource the production, I keep the copyright rights for all the products that use any of my artworks.



I don't keep stocks, which means that the product you are about to order doesn't exist yet. Right after you place an order, each item automatically goes into production to the same or to a different factory, depending on the product type. Most of the products are produced between 1-4 days. Please check the production time on the product page before you place an order.



Right after your ordered item is produced, it is packed and shipped to your address provided during the checkout. If in the same order you picked multiple types of products, they may arrive in different packages at different times.

A tracking code may be provided by the shipping carrier after your item is produced (1-4 days). In some cases, depending on the manufacturing partner shipping agreements, the product type you ordered and your shipping address, a tracked shipment may not be possible.

Please check the shipping estimates for your region on the product page before you place an order.

Please double check your shipping address & your phone number before you finish an order. 



Shipping damage doesn't occur that often. Yet, if it happens, all my manufacturing partners agree to replace any item damaged while in transit in exchange for a visual proof (photo). In this case please contact me as soon as possible. 



Since every product you order is manufactured especially for you, returning it is not possible. At some point, I plan and make stocks and I will gladly accept any return.



I run this store on the Shopify platform and there are two payment methods available:

  • PayPal payments processed by PayPal.
  • Debit & credit card payments processed by Braintree (a PayPal company).  

All your personal information used for shipping is stored by Shopify and not by me. For order fulfilment I have access to some of your personal data like: your name, your email & shipping addresses or your phone. I will never use your personal information for any other purpose than the order fulfilment.

Your payment details (credit card number, etc.) are not shared with me in any way. At the beginning of the checkout process, you're redirected to Shopify.com. All your payment details are processed by Shopify & PayPal.